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Premium Studio

The studio consists of:
4 x rode procaster dynamic microphones
4 x rode PSA1 studio boom arms
4 x rode PSM1 shock mounts
Mackie ProFX16 mixer
Roland duo capture mk 2 interface
Voip phone
Skype access
Source Connect Audio
Audacity editing software
Live streaming equipment
Acoustic paneling

(30 minutes)

Studio B

Is our new small scale studio. It will have 2 mics and a small mixer (as opposed to 4) catering more for the hobbyist. Its automated and you book online. You need to do a webinar before you can use it.

(30 minutes)

Mobile Studio

4 x Rode Procaster Microphones
4 x PSM1 Microphone Shock Mount
QSC Touchmix 8 Digital Mixer

(30 minutes)